New Repack [In-Dev]


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    New Repack [In-Dev]

    Post by Edwin on Fri Jul 06, 2012 10:10 pm

    Hey guys! So me and Vincent have teamed up and are working on this awesome repack- We did use some features from interior versions and made a mismatch server which will look very professional and well done. We also are highly excited to have v.110 GMS & V.114 KMS Hairstyles, Eyes, Chairs, Equipment, Mounts and etc! I really hope that this will make Jello a new experience! Remember, I'm only doing this is to make everyone else happy- It's not only for my enjoyment. If you guys have any questions or concerns on how we are doing in the repack, Please fill free to reach me and Vincent in Chatango or MSN - If you have any suggestions please fill free to leave a comment, We will possibly take your suggestion as a consideration! High chances it will be used! :f2: Hope you guys are awaiting the new repack! Hope Steven & Paul likes it!

    I'll be updating on you guys every once in awhile!



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    Re: New Repack [In-Dev]

    Post by Vincent on Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:28 am

    - Awesome commands for all levels of Game Masters.
    - Custom Gashapon system.
    - Kitten Doll currency
    - Donation Center tour
    - Donation npcs
    - Trophy/Strange Marks Event System
    - Event Npcs
    - Claw Machine
    - All In One fmnpc
    - Ability Points Reseter

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